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Originally Posted by Akira
I'm talking about REAL QUALITY MP3s here not artifacted 16kbps~>128kbps garbage

Probably my 030 can do a few at 128kbps but rendering my machine useless... What's the point in loading them if you can't do anything else?

I say that unless you got a PPC, this is pointles..
I've had very good luck playing MP3s at full quality, AHI 14-bit, on my A2000 060-50mhz. I can do other things too, like surf the web, check email, use AIM, IRC, etc, with hardly any slowdown. Using Scout, the report is that the mp3 playback takes about 60-65% of the CPU.

This is using mpega.library through AMPlifier. Another good player is Prayer.

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