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Amiga 1200 - Keyboard problems...

Hi Guys,

I'm having some pretty bad problems with my amiga 1200 at the moment... i've been trying to play some games (Rick Dangerous, Bubble Bobble, Clown-o-Mania, Rainbow Islands).

I have Amiga Workbench 3.1 installed on a 2.1GB Toshiba HDD. I have 3.0 kickroms.

The problem is, in workbench I can type and use the keyboard fine... all the keys work etc... but as soon as I load a game up, no matter what keys I press, I CANNOT move the in game character, nothing responds...

I can press 1 to start a game in 1 player mode, or I can press space to add credits to Bubble Bobble to play it, but once im in the game, the keyboard does not respond.

In Rick Dangerous and Clown-o-Mania, the demo just keeps rolling, I can't get into the game, nothing will respond... yet I can reboot the amiga using CTRL-A-A.

Any ideas? I've spent around £70 getting all the kit to get this set up, and im a bit gutted that I can't actually use the thing

Please help!!!!

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