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Originally Posted by Echostryker
You've also got to take the nostalgia factor into account. People aren't going to play your game and get all gooey-eyed over it as it's brand new to them, even if it's retro by design.
I'll grant you the nostalgia factor, but I submit that for entertainment value games in the style of mine, should be more resistant to the ravages of time.

My game is essentially about 'leveling' ie beat up stuff to get strong enough to beat up more stuff to... get more stuff.

And I know that its not the greatest game in the world. Its more about the time I've invested and the fact that (despite the flaws), it can be good fun - if its given a chance. And thats all I'm asking, its why I request feedback. "Are people actually trying the game?" "Is it good?" "Does it suck?" These are the things I wonder about while thinking "There has to be someone that is enjoying the game"

So I guess I'm bummed because if someone were, surely they would tell me. I guess its the rantings of someone whos pride has been scorned...
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