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Ok. There are alot of interesting ideas going on here and I find myself agreeing quite a bit.

Originally Posted by CodyJarrett
I'm assuming that you are talking about the CD32-888&??? thread but it's been around for four months and your thread for two weeks. Not exactly a fair comparison.

And surely both threads could be just as popular as each other? Why does it follow that this 'piracy' is preventing an interest in your games?

Classic Amiga games have had years more than your game in the collective consciousness of gamers so it's not surprising that they are going to get more recognition. Most of us first heard about Battle Circle days ago!

Perhaps you need a new marketing campaign - unless this is it?
Yes, that is the thread that I am inferring to. My dissapointment stems from the fact that this is the largest and most active of the Amiga boards I've found and I am drawing a comparison to what could seem to be of greater importance to the board as a whole indicated by the size of that thread.

Originally Posted by CodyJarret
I've downloaded Battle Circle and tried it on WinUAE (I don't have access to my real Amiga at the moment).

- The downloads on your site are in rar format but have a file extension of .zip. If your site can't use rars then put a note on the download page as well as on the Battle Circle page.
Really? I used WinRAR but had it set to .zip (other than the videos) I'll investigate.

Originally Posted by CodyJarret
- There is a read/write error message if you run the game in WinUAE with a higher floppy emulation speed than 'Compatible'. It might be worth noting this as a lot of emulation users could have this set to 800%.
I'm aware of this issue and I'll make a note on the page. Thanks.

Originally Posted by CodyJarret
- The game quit back to Workbench once when I died and was being resurrected. If you need any more information about this possible bug I'll try to reproduce it.
I'll look into that also, however, if your character dies to many times it may be related to a disk op that may not be supported.

Originally Posted by marco pedranai
would gladly ban you for good measure if you want me to just let me know. also there is my pendent request for ban RCK but you know bureaucracy...

Originally Posted by Echostryker
I think this may be the most telling point. Well said.

I hope I haven't pissed off to many people here... I just wanted to get that off my chest and see what others thought. Thanks
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