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Hmmm .....

I voted no, but I don't think it sucks, the problem is the big N has lost the plot (when it comes to home consoles) and it won't be long before they finnally give up the ghost and start devolping the (In my opion) best games for other systems as Sega have done now. When Sega announced they were devolping for the PS2(which I own) their stock price shot up, and in the world we live in at the moment stock price is the only thing that matters to the big bosses at these companies.

Nintendo won't be able to support the Game Cube with Gameboy/Gameboy Advance sales. Case in point the N64, technically supperior to the Playstation, but where as one of them is still around and going strong, the other has been all but offically killed of for about 3 years.
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