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I've downloaded Battle Circle and tried it on WinUAE (I don't have access to my real Amiga at the moment).

- The downloads on your site are in rar format but have a file extension of .zip. If your site can't use rars then put a note on the download page as well as on the Battle Circle page.

- The screenshot on the "Battle Circle Main" page is very uninspiring. Replace it with a decent screenshot. The Battle Circle Snaps page is better but grab screenshots without scanlines.

- Label the ADF images as "Battle Circle Boot Disk" and "Battle Circle Data Disk" - or whatever.

- There is a read/write error message if you run the game in WinUAE with a higher floppy emulation speed than 'Compatible'. It might be worth noting this as a lot of emulation users could have this set to 800%.

- The game quit back to Workbench once when I died and was being resurrected. If you need any more information about this possible bug I'll try to reproduce it.

Overall I haven't played the game enough yet to comment fully but it looks like an interesting mix of genres. My feeling is that you've got some interest going but there are some teething problems that are stopping some players running the game - which may explain the relatively high number of hits compared to a few comments.

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