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Howevr PXscroll if you follow his link to the rant on his site it could be interpreted that he includes EAB as one the retro= warez sites he talks about

But since its not directly on the forum page then its hardly a banning matter to state his opinion as to how little some younger gamers lack eiether the patience or skill set to learn and play a game title without using cheat modes.

As for site visitors I get several hundred a month on my own site and its only a few that post anything , with such a variety of choice on the net there is a huge differnce in numbers between browser/leechers and contributors.

So even with the reviewed and updated WHD load site the number of vistors as against those who leave any comment regarding the months new pack of games is disproportionate and it is a useal few who leave any comment or greeting .

There is the point that the more specialised your site content is and in amiga retro games that can be a realy narrow area , the less likely your site will contain anything topical [ and I don't mean politics or jokes ] as without the development of many new games across all genres , there is a genuine shortage of real news.

Acknoledging the historical fact of the death of a thriving REAL amiga community , I can but totally disagre with your comments over EMU users who are on the rise , this board is consistently gaining new members who are taking up emulation and along the way a few who want to aquire a classic real Amiga again.

IMHO the days when the Amiga community could support the need for several disk magazines is long gone , what instead is happening is that the " Flavour" that was remembered from long ago is rekindling users to seek what is missing from todays products .

The platform is commecialy nearly dead but its memories and uniqueness can still be apreciated by those who continue to look at it as whole machine not just a games consul with a built in keyboard
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