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I might get banned for this, but...

I've been to several 'classic gaming' forums of late and I do so because I feel that there was a culture that existed then that is sadly lacking now.

When I got my first Amiga it came with many pirate copies and few originals. At the time I had stopped (per se, I still have and covet it) I had (have) over 200 games that I BOUGHT brand new in the box. Not saying that I was overflowing with cash, but I felt that buying made the system stronger. I like the fact even now that I have the boxes, manuals and even the original disks.

Back then, people were passionate about the Amiga and its games - despite the numerous crappy ones - there was a communtiy there to assist and push the envelope of software (especially the graphic stuff).

And it was good.

Of late, all I see is people that - while remembering the Amiga, forget what made it special: Its originality. I know I cant be the only one! Read the rant at my site and tell me that this is not true...

I have over 30,000 games that I collected during my "Gotta have it!" phase - Mostly indexed with full name, screenies, box and manual because I felt its worth the effort to preserve over just to say I have it.

...Now when I see these sites I just kinda feel like ! Just like when I'm playing Halo on the net with 14 year olds that just don't get it: Who cares if you have 654216512 kills but cheat yourself and never take time to enjoy what your doing or have...
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