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Originally Posted by Zeewolf
How many people here on EAB have an Amiga emulator on their Xbox?

What do people think of it?

I haven't really had much of a go with it as yet, just a few games but first impressions are not bad. I've just installed a different version of it and trying to figure out how to get it running to the max. I just need to get myself a keyboard for it now to make the most of it.

Alot of my m8's are interested in getting an xbox now after seeing sensible soccer running on my xbox and other quality amiga games.

Any other emulators for the xbox anyone would recommend?
If your using UAEX or Winuaex by pressing one of controller towers it brings up a virtual keyboard....Winuaex V8 is the latest Amiga port and i think its Incredibly stable....
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