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BITbyBIT Releases The AVD Template Project as FREEWARE!

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC is happy to announce the release of
The AVD Template Project as FREEWARE!

The AVD Template is a skeleton application, written in C, which gives you a starting framework for writing AmigaOS4(tm) applications.
It provides the basic setup of the following tasks:

* Allocating memory structures
* Opening necessary libraries
* Parsing command line arguments & Tooltypes
* Sets the application up as a Commodity & handles Show/Hide Hotkeys
* Sets up basic Menus
* Creates a simple Window using ReAction GUI
* Handles the main Event Loop (Show/Hide/Iconify/Quit, etc.)
* Properly Close/Release/Free all resources on exit.

The Template also includes the Makefile necessary to build the project using either GCC on
the native machine (AmigaONE) or with any of the AmigaOS4(tm) cross-compilers
(On AmigaOS3.x, Linux, MacOSX, etc).

See The AVD Template Project Home Page for more details and to download the source code.

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
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