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What´s that? Rent a software? I´m a little sceptical ...
The subscription plan is an opportunity for people to support the development of specific software (in this case an IDE). Subscripters receive fully licensed versions of the software when it is completed, plus stable beta releases during the development process. They do not pay any more than the sale price of the software and could end up paying less then someone who buys it after it releases. This is not rental software, but rather a easy payment plan which also supports getting the software written in the first place.

Since it seems your company is targeting OS4 tm users which currently only runs on Amiga One computors , I take it you checked our recent Amiga One ownership polls ?

These show less than 20 members own one if these machines and of the last check NOT all were running OS4 tm on them as it was late to distributed and has very little compatability with older apps [so I am told ]
First off, actually having two of these machines myself, I would have to disagree with the "very little compatability" statement. OS4 does not run Amiga software which directly references the custom chip set (except via UAE), that is true, however it does seem to run just about everything else very well.

Offering a " subscribtion " licensing deal over a piece of to the majority UNKNOWN , untested development software is meant to appeal to who?
As I have stated above this is not rental or limited term use software.
The key word here in "Foundation Development Subscription Plan" is "Development". This plan is designed to aid in the development of new software (specifically an Integrated Development Environment) for AmigaOS4(tm). It offers subscribers the chance to purchase this software under easy payment terms (US $10.00 a Month), a say in the features of the software, and a chance to try it out with (roughly) monthly beta releases. They also receive the fully unlocked release versions.

Surely you would be better trying to target the few directly instead of this pardon me "spam" thread ?
You do have 20 members who own these machines and can benefit from this software, do you not? This is an Amiga(tm) board and AmigaOS4(tm) is the next official version of the operating system. This news posting is from a legitimate "Amiga Company", developing and releasing real software for AmigaOS4(tm) (See the SDK Browser, or our most recent release of the AVD Template Project as freeware). How can you call my posting "SPAM"?

I would be more than happy to work with the 20 members here that have AmigaONEs directly. So if there are any of you out there reading this, if you would like to email me at I will add your name to our contact list and send any new AmigaOS4(tm) software release announcements your way.

Bottom line is, this is AmigaOS4(tm) news, not SPAM. If a moderater of this boards tells me that this is not an AmigaOS4(tm) board or they do not want OS4 related news items, I will gladly stop posting them.
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