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Originally posted by |cy[ool
Regarding Tosec's long names.. TUGID.. something they are working on, now several months overdue will strip all irrelevant information from the filenames, but don't expect to see them replaced with labels such as DSKXXXXX.ADF or anything similarly generic. [/B]
If i had it my way i'd replace the filenames with their CRC counterpart, being that CRC-32 is always 8 chars long it would comply with any file system standard.

"Secret of Monkey Island (1990)(Lucasfilms)(Sp)(Disk 1 of 4).adf" becomes "BB55F647.adf"

The rest of the information regarding the file would reside in a database. It may sound like a crazy idea but i think it's what it'll come down to in the end, or at least some kind of numerical system.
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