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BITbyBIT announces The Foundation Development Subscription Plan!


BITbyBIT Software Group LLC is happy to announce the launch
of a new project: The Advanced Visual Developer (or AVD) for
AmigaOS4(tm), and The Foundation Development Subscription Plan!

"The Advanced Visual Developer" is targeted to empower both
the novice and professional alike with the tools necessary to
greatly reduce development cycle times, and bring professional
quality software to the AmigaOS4(tm) platform quickly and easily.

"The Foundation Development Subscription Plan" offers an opportunity
for Amiga developers and supporters to gain access to these powerful
tools as they are built, and to have a voice in their development.
PLUS receive full licensed versions of the AVD Suite of tools as they
are released to the public. All for only US $10.00 a month!

New subscribers of the Foundation Development Plan will also receive
the complete source code for AVD Template V1.0, a ready to build and
run skeleton AmigaOS4(tm) application as a BONUS gift! This source
is provided to help jump start subscribers into making their own AmigaOS4(tm)
applications today! It is not freeware or Open Source but rather
exclusively licensed software made available only to subscribers, who
can in turn write and SELL their software free of any further royalties.

Read more about the plan and how to sign up here:

BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
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