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fuck man i've spent ages going through the settings on dopus 5 trying to WORK IT OUT for you!!! i've never had to use dopus 5 much.

to add buttons to the button bank

use the right mouse button to access the buttons menu at the top
go to edit
drag that box out the way so you can see the vertical button bank.
click on it somewhere to have it selected in the edit box.
now where it says rows, click add.
a new button has been created. click on it to select it within the editor.
now you'll see the button options are open.
click edit
you can now define the colour and name for the button.
- click the edit function button within this box to define what you want the button to do.

//// i couldnt work out how to make it open a drive the same way as clicking on it within dopus ////

a great setup is Bloodwych's Classic Workbench P96 Version which is available in THIS THREAD

this is my desktop using ClassicWB96

as for removing the registration reminder register the software or use the far better imo dopus 4 which comes included with ClassicWB96
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