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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
My phase5 blizzard 030/50 works fine with a pcmcia network card, so that must be one of the good ones.
It is! The 'bad' ons are the memory expantions. Since they do not have a processor upgrade they use the ec020's 24 bits address bus. Guess whats in the last 4MB of that space. It is the PCMCIA. That's why on those cards the PCMCIA gets disabled when installing more than 4MB. This firtst 4MB stays under the PCMCIA space. But the last 4MB clashes with the PCMCIA. Hence it is disabled when the last 4MB is used for fastmem.

The MTEC1230/28 is known to do this too. Strange because it carries an 030 and can map the fastmem elsewhere with ease. Only once I came about an MTEC board that left the PCMCIA untoutched. Maybe it was fixed in later revisions of the accelerator.
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