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Excuse my impatience Martin L but you have already been given that information several times this link to an article on the amigas NON standard IDE interface and cd machines it was NOT hard to find.

I am NOT pasting directly into the page to save OTHER readers bandwidth , but sincerely understand that if you continue to ask the SAME questions over & over , when you are suplied with MORE than adequate answers in each thread you start then you can hardly expect board members to show you patience.

Many of the things you ask about are already WELL covered by previous posts and can be found by using the EAB search engine to find them.

Also the amiga source link I gave you has an even larger database of knoledge and even has links containing all the hacks [ do -it -yourself tips] for more ways to solve problems.

If you are still struggling to comprehend the information you have been given then perhaps you are better looking for a ready built solution as itseems you REALY want a killer Amiga games machine and perhaps to avoid all this confusion you are better sticking to EMULATION
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