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Originally Posted by woodshed57
Mine is conected through a router and its about manually configering the settings after you have copied the details from your pc

Then move your miggies IP up +1>10 from your pc's in its preferences then its VERY happy and you can shift the log files out of RAM and save yourself running out of space etc

You have to remember to enter the GATEWAY address also found on your PC in its advanced internet settings
Trying the get online now with the unregged version...

I can log into my router without any probs and I can see my A3000 connected there with the IP adress but when I try to access a website in Ibrowse or Aweb I just get the message no route found..blabla

I have these settings:

Interface setting= IP type= DHCP, NETMASK=DHCP

TCP/IP Settings= Get Dynamic DNS servers=Verify & Add

Have i missed something?

Still ned that reg key
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