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Any ide type EVEN literon that you can pickup for £12 from pc world a burner for £26 , obviously it means adding a 4 way or through 2.5HD ide splitter to your mobo and if you want to keep it simple you can steal a power feed from the 1200,s floppy drive [ just remember to follow the advice about upgraded or cooled power units] and you should be fine without the need to tower

If you can put up with the odd conector and cable outside the machine its all you will need

An amiga conected CD drive reads better than pc drives as it WILL allow you to open and transfer files from partially damaged CD disks so the only thing you have to think about is makig sure your Miggy can RECOGNISE the file types you burn to disk [but as an old miggy user you know that its worth having a simple gui decompresion utility avail from aminet to un-lha ,unzip etc those files as well ]

So yes your Mac can be used as a one way burner to miggy but they are just so cheap its easier to find one of them than a single purpose CD drive .

And of course its easier to move large files back to the MAC than rigging your HD to it
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