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Happy I have a Escom Badged 1200

Except for floppy problems Unknown K mentions they were built using the last revised boards so they are compatable to ALL newer expansion cards and don't have the problem of larger amounts of RAM [over 8mb] disabling the pcmia port which if your planning to run a network card is essential , older board revisions have a limitation.

If you mean do these machines fall apart while your using them ? well the answer has to be it would depend how you treat them , since any computor with a built in Keyboard is prone to the inevitable worn letters stuck keys etc .

However I have a question for you Martin-L you consistently ask question about various hardware setups or combo's including the A1 , is it that your looking to build a " Super migggy" with the " Newest " available reliable parts or are you looking to see if the EMU route with its cheap and easily replaced hardware is the better option?

Pardon me for being curious but I am an OLD Git with little todo but read through posts

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