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A few years ago..



Quite a bunch of years ago.. .. I bought myself one of these 2 button Arcade joysticks and Analogue/Digital converter for the PC, for $ 20 USD or so. (Those joysticks with those microswitches ala C=64 and Amiga.)

In Emulation perspective, one of the best buys I ever made! I used this joystick with PC games in that time such as Mortal Kombat and One Must Fall 2097 (shows the age of the joystick + converter) but it ended up in my attic among my every growing old hardware collection.

It didn't came out of the attic until I started playing those C64, Amiga and MAME emulators again! Other friends have mine have tried to find such analogue/digital converters but no luck and I must say, I never saw them for sale again anywhere.

Nothing like the sound of 'click click click click' while playing IK+
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