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It's a nice idea, except:

1. There are no instructions, so I've no way of knowing how to get my ADFs/hard disk images/ROM files across to the ISO;
2. The disc boots into fluxbox, then leaves you to discover the link to UAE on the right mouse menu yourself;
3. The version of UAE in the right mouse menu is the bog-standard Linux build (0.88?), not E-UAE - loading E-UAE requires you to load one of the shells that works (bash doesn't seem to load, nor does sh - missing from the CD?) and dig around in the filesystem until you can find it;
4. It takes longer to load than Windows XP plus WinUAE.

So, we have a dilemma. Hardcore Linux users won't *need* to use it, as they'll have E-UAE already installed. Everyone else won't know *how* to use it.

As I said, though, it's a good idea, and it'll no doubt improve in future versions.
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