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Question Yet another kickstart confusion...

Since AMIGAZ (thanks again mate! ) pointed me in this thread to a program called QuickROM, i can't wait to check it out

BUT, something got me worried...

Blizkick ("used to rekick any Kickstart ROM image with Blizzard turbo boards")

QuickROM ("makes operating system code a lot faster by copying Kickstart - the built-in part of the Amiga's operating system - into fast memory")

If i understand that correctly, they both copy kick to fast, one to enable the other kick's features, second to speedup the kick's access times... so more or less the very same purpose... or not?
...well, if not, can i use them both? Firstly load the 3.1kick with Blizkick then speedup everything with QuickROM???

Wouldn't it "ate" about 1mb of my memory in that case?

Maybe QuickROM is just a option for 3.1 owners that don't have to relokick any newer kickstart, just to speed it up?

What's with the unofficall 3.5 kick rom then? can i use that one?
But what prog to use in that case?

Geez, this is confusing
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