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Originally Posted by Bobic
The Breakpoint demoparty, held last weekend, featured also a 96k game competition. The winner game is a remake of the original Lotus Turbo Challenge in a size of just 96k. It looks like the original game, so give it a try:
From a technical point of view, that is a very impressive achievement as it even has lots of the sound effects from the original game. However, I don't know how anyone can release this as a game they made because I would say a huge amount of the code has simply been ripped/included from Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

The graphics are chunkier in places which is fair enough to save space, but I believe that the majority of the work for this "game" to be written is actually ripping the graphics from the original game then removing as much as possible while using effecient code to mirror the cars, stretch the graphics to create the missing frames in RAM, thus saving space.

The guys obviously have great skills and it would be nicer to see them work on an original game than how to compress an existing one and change a few tiny parts to release a "new" game...
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