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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Codetapper, which version of DMS are you using? One possible reason for getting a different crc from a disk that has been undms'd is the nozero switch. I once took a disk full of iff pics, deleted them all, then DMS'd the disk. Without the nozero switch, the dms file was tiny. Then I did the same with the nozero switch on and the DMS file (of the empty disk) was huge. It's obvious why this was the case, but my point is that I have seen some disks which are simply DOS disks that are archived with the NOZERO option, so more useless data is being stored. The way to eliminate this is to re-dms without the switch so that that information isn't archived. Surely this will produce different crc values.
I have tried ALL DMS versions - from the original 1.11, 1.12, the GUI versions, 2, 2.05, 2.20r (the LSD one), 2.31r etc. They all have some/all of the bugs I mentioned.

Regarding the NoZero flag, I have tried that - The NOVAL and NOZERO flags shouldn't affect NDOS disks as the bitmap is invalid so DMS will pack up the whole disk. I always set DMS to simply archive the disk and not make guesses about what is on it (as I am smarter than it And yes, it would produce different CRC's depending on that switch.

The only way I ever managed to convert my Superfrog disk 3 back to a working DMS was to read tracks 0-78, then APPEND track 79 - which seemed to work! Reading 0-79 caused the final track to be different from the disk version.
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