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The 96k version of Lotus 1 is really impressive !! First listening of the title music sound a bit strange but after few seconds, it sounds nice too. Excellent work for sure !... and they talk about the sequel for next year
Most of 96k game or similar compo were majority pc release so it's a nice surprise to see an amiga game and it deserve his 1st place at the compo !

@ant : did you try with the pouet link ? it works 1 hour ago.

@Bobic : do you know if Yolk's music from TBL demo is available somewhere ? i try to rip it with RipIT (which handle S3M,XM,IT tracker) without success, i fear it's a streaming format. BTW for non-french people the women's voice is "mustard it's strong and it's for that it's good"

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