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I didn't have a 233MMX handy! The MMX had more cache then the other Pentium 1's so it was a bit faster, and I didn't want to have timing issues with being too fast on a P2 or faster system.

I do suggest a tandy 1000 with CM-11 CGA monitor if you have the space for the CGA type games (Wasteland being one of them). Decent sound and video. I like the 1000HX because it reminds me of an Amiga 500 (computer built into a keyboard), uses 3.5" DD disks with DOS 2.x (only PC's to be able to use 3.5" disks before DOS 3) plus I have the external 5.25" Drive for it also (the system is almost PnP on the drives since I can pick the boot drive in BIOS).

The key for video cards is being fast in DOS , having VESA modes built into ROM ( I can play quake at very high res without a 3d card if needed), and having support for the refresh utility I use. I looked around and read up for a long time and came to the conclusion that either a TSENG et6000 (4mb only) or Riva128 based card (PCI Only) were the best bet for my Pentium 1 rig. DOS games generaly play at 60HZ so eyestrain can become a problem unless you get a refresh utility that supports your video card (can't think of the name but I can look into it later).

BTW I also have a Orchid Righteous 3d 3DFX card in my pentium DOS rig because of the early 3D games it supported in DOS (Tomb Raider and Mechwarrior 3DFX edition to name a few).
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