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Not sure how I missed this thread.

First off it is about impossible to have one system to play every DOS game as it was meant to be.

My systems for DOS games Include:

Tandy 1000HX for the very early games that used Tandy extended CGA and tandy sound. (CGA games cannot be reproduced well on a VGA video card)

next comes my 386/40 with 32MB. This unit has a Tseng et3000ax video card, gravis ultrasound max (1mb ram upgrade), and a Soundblaster pro 2.0 (all ISA cards).

for the last generation of games I have a p200MMX with 64mb ram, Nvidia Riva128 (PCI 4mb) Video (does VESA 3.0 in ROM), Soundblaster 16 PnP with a Yamaha DBX50 addon and a Gravis Ultrasound PnP with 8mb ram.

The gravis ultrasounds are supported directly in many games and also emulate the roland boards fairly well (hard to find and cost alot). The Soundblaster pro 2 is an 8 bit stereo card and supports just about any game made. The yamaha DBX50 is supported by many games directly (think tie fighter by Lucasarts was one of them) and does great midi (same with the PnP Ultrasound).

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