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Originally posted by |cy[ool
If you like to use the format Twistin' then by all means get your ADF's to your amiga and encode them, and decode them next time you want to check for matches in the TOSEC dats..
I never indicated anywhere that I was making DMS files out of ADF files. I merely suggested that creating a disk from a DMS file was easier for me than from an ADF. You and Cody sure are using remote, extreme references, but I fail to understand why the arguementive attitude. Nor did I ever say anything about TOSEC matching. Nor did I indicate DMS as a preferred tool for emulation, which is really what the TOSEC dats are for (since those long filenames won't work on a real Amiga!) Icy, as much as you talk about the inconvenience of DMS on a real Amiga, you seem to embrace TOSEC. I see a double standard here. And how many times have you seen me post DMS files to the ADF Zone? Don't make me out to be some fanatical DMS zealot who is denouncing ADF's!
Originally posted by |cy[ool
To explain it simply, there will NEVER EVER be a DMS dat, and if some trollop does decide to make one, see how long before the data is ripped straight into an ADF dat.
Again, you seem to fall back to emulation from real Amiga for convenience. As I have stated several times, I am talking about on a REAL AMIGA! Why would a real Amiga need a dat of any kind? For someone with four Amigas, you seem to think only in terms of your emulation!
Originally posted by |cy[ool
As Cody pointed out, there are lots of BAD dms files out there, and obviously created by a bad DMS program
A long time ago, I used DMS2.03 or similar to encode a bunch of disks. I assumed it all went fine until one day I wanted that data back on physical media..some failed..which pissed me off to the extent of writing a sector disk ripper which creates an ADF.
Cody did a lesser version of what you did; he generalized that he'd had DMS files go bad. There were updates of DMS past 2.03, including a scene version, which is the version I use. I have very little recollection of the original version(s) of DMS, I only know that the scene version was infinitely superior (not that I have any technical info to back that up...)

In closing, I am just trying to make clear that I am not trying to preach DMS here. I am stating that I like using it on a real Amiga and that the only problems I have experienced with (the version I am using) is from files with read/write disk errors, which is not the fault of the compressor.

Codetapper, which version of DMS are you using? One possible reason for getting a different crc from a disk that has been undms'd is the nozero switch. I once took a disk full of iff pics, deleted them all, then DMS'd the disk. Without the nozero switch, the dms file was tiny. Then I did the same with the nozero switch on and the DMS file (of the empty disk) was huge. It's obvious why this was the case, but my point is that I have seen some disks which are simply DOS disks that are archived with the NOZERO option, so more useless data is being stored. The way to eliminate this is to re-dms without the switch so that that information isn't archived. Surely this will produce different crc values.
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