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> You haven't really given enough details - is it one game in particular?
> Is it an original or a cracked copy you are using?

You completely misunderstood me ;-) I was not talking about downloading
installs and do the HD version myself. I was talking about downloading
completed installs (e.g. from Spokyz site).

> If a game can't find a file you probably have a crack or an unsupported
> original. Contact the author rather than complaining here.

I was suspecting that the guy who provides the *complete HD version*
fails to do a proper job, not the author of the installer.

> Some examples of the games you have tried that are not working would
> also help - hopefully none of my patches

- Hollywood Poker Pro can't find one or two pictures. Often the picture
display is "corrupt", returning to the main menu is aborted with a
"stack too low" warning
- Interphase crashes (after max. 60 secs) - and I tried three different
installs of that one
- The bonus games in Nebulus 2 do not end. They just go on and on and on...

Again: I do not blame the authors of these installs. I'd rather like to
know if other people have similar problems with "preinstalled" games.

> PS: If your collection of WHDLoad titles is from spooky's site then
> there is a fair chance they are cracked games.

That's what I'm talking about I just wanted to know if somebody has
similar experiences. If chances are that every second game I'll download
somewhere has the same faults, I might start to try doing the installs
on my own (with cracked versions which is obviously a game of chance).

> Either the install author tries to support cracked versions if possible
> or they CRC the original and abort the game if it's found to be a
> different version.

Well, my personal experience is that most installs I came across are
done for originals only ?
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