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Originally posted by Uukrul
I had problems installing WHDLoad so I just copied the executable in the game dir and without the prefs file Preload is activated by default.
I am curious. What part of the compilcated install process which involves pressing NEXT a few times did you find too difficult? Accept the defaults, hit Next. Nothing could be easier.

Originally posted by Korodny
I love WHDLoad, for all the reasons you stated above.

But many of the WHDLoad installed games I get from the net do have problems. Sometimes the game can't find a certain file (no, none of the stuff related to WHDLoad's OS emulation, I'm no newbie) , sometimes it crashes and I can reproduce that crash etc.

Are other people experiencing similar problems ?
You haven't really given enough details - is it one game in particular? Is it an original or a cracked copy you are using? If a game can't find a file you probably have a crack or an unsupported original. Contact the author rather than complaining here. Some examples of the games you have tried that are not working would also help - hopefully none of my patches

PS: If your collection of WHDLoad titles is from spooky's site then there is a fair chance they are cracked games. Either the install author tries to support cracked versions if possible or they CRC the original and abort the game if it's found to be a different version.
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