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hmm for 80s games, may be best to use DosBox on a new fast PC, or the old 80s games, may spit up errors about ram, need XMS or EMS, or some jargon, like that.

Man I had to be the hell geek to get old games running on my 486/66.

although demos/shareware struggle to run on my PIV-1.5ghz under XP damnit (warcraft 2), ie VEISA error ?? (some screen bullshit) and under dosbox, the cpu ain't fast enough. Also can't play some Terminator 3d game, I think it's system shock under XP, and cpu is to slow for DOSBOX. grrh.

I wish some one could code like a 'killaga' for win xp that redirects screen/audio output to directx for old dos games.

oh well i'll just wait another 3 years for a faster cpu to dosbox it :/
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