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Originally Posted by Miggy2TheMax
Nice and neat setup, good idea about installing a heatsink on your scandoubler. Looked at photo
but its all a bit obscured by IDE cable? I assume you must of bought an internal one aswell?
I think I might pop a heatsink and fan on my external scan doubler just to be sure, those
things do get very hot, nice idea, learn something new everyday! Cheers.
Thanks. And it's still white (I wonder for how long )

You could click my name (erno) displayed at the photo. You see my other photo's each photo displays a step of the scandoubler mod. One of them clearly displays the round heatsink.

The fun part is too determain where to make the hole in the tinware.
What I did was glueing the heatsink to the chip first. Using thermal conductive glue ofcourse. After that I put a 2 euro coin ontop of the heatsink. The coin is slightly larger. On top of the coin I put a drop of butter.
Then the tinware was placed on top of the coin as if I was putting it down.
The coin stuck to the tinware on the place where the hole should be. Easy enought drawing the circle with a CD-R pen this way

Hope the photo's work inspiring.

I'm going to add fans too, atleast for the 060 when it is going to be in operation. The fan will be temprature controlled. I hate noisy fans/harddisks. The amiga should be as silent as possible.

Edit: Yes it is an internal scandoubler.
Edit: This is the link of the photo you are interested in:
to make things easier

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