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As Cody pointed out, there are lots of BAD dms files out there, and obviously created by a bad DMS program.
Did you guys never take the time to use the verify etc.. when creating DMS files?.

I personally have only seen a coupla 'bad' dms's in the past .. and when testing the dms file the output would say "r/w errors reported when creating dms file", IE: the fool who created it didnt care to read the results outputted when creating so the end product was spread bad.

A bad workman always blames his tool(s). ;P

I personally used to love seeing the ascii msg's output ... the *hidden* msg's in the DMS were a fun part of the whole 'scene' thing.

I still delight in seeing GOOD ascii .nfo and .diz's from the olde () days to present days.
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