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Well, I know I'm a bit late (as usual, don't check these forums that often)..

But let me tell you a few facts about AmigaXL (as some of you seem to
have misunerstood what it is about):

AmigaXL is a package of *two* emulators, Amithlon and AmigaOS XL.

Amithlon runs on a modified *Linux* kernel. It's the only task running
on it. It takes over the system. Native drivers for Ethernet, Gfx,
Sound etc. will be available. It comes with JIT emulation and does not
emulate the chipset - therefore it's faaaaast. It is possible to write
x86-*native* AmigaOS applikations for it!

AmigaOS XL is basically a modified version of WinUAE-JIT (and it's not
faster than WinUAE). That means, it includes Chipset emulation.
It runs on top of a complete QNX distribution which is included in the
package. You can start QNX applications from within the emulation, so
you can use your Workbench as the only Desktop. AmigaOS XL can provide
virtual memory for the emulated AmigaOS.

Both emulators come with OS 3.9.
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