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Yeps yeps.. Having gone down the Pegasos road (and then left the platform), these new Amigas really are a viable platform to upgrade to if you're currently using your Amiga for everything.

However if you've already made the jump to PC/MAC, then there is no reason to look back at OS4 - you're already accustomed to what the other side of the fence provides software wise and the Amiga (& compatibles) offering is not nearly enough.

I personally missed: PuTTY (IE. a proper SSH2 client with proper VT100/XTERM emu) and Firefox. I can't live without a proper terminal or proper browser for my normal computing activities.

Well, I still am missing them whenever I'm sitting in front of one of my Amigas..

Like said before the lack of custom chips only affects games. Any "serious" software has been custom chip agnostic for quite some time. (stuff that is launched from the Workbench and doesn't take over the system) Just take look at a productivity software using Amigan's machine.. It's got a sound card (accessed via AHI) and a GFX board (accessed via P96 or CGX). At least my A4000 is running RTG and RTA all the time unless I start up a whdload game.

A new Amiga makes sense, but not to people (like me) who already have taken a look around to what other platforms have to offer.. However the Amigoid software library is growing at an increasing pace, if only the hardware price would come down to a competitive level. (I'm not going to go to the hardware quality discussion)

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