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Originally Posted by RetroMan
Well sorry but why should I play old games on a PPC Amiga ???????????

Hey I got A500, A1000, A2000, CDTV, CD32 and so on that play those old games without problems, so why waste my PPCs CPU time for that

I use my A1200 PPC for nearly everything today, maybe except Video Encoding, just because I think that AmigaOS is one of the greatest OSes ever made ....

I know the System, it does what I want it to do ...

But hey, most of you donĀ“t even WANT to understand this, so why bother ? Hey, I even played through all levels of Quake on my A4000/040 with max 7fps
Just tried Quake on my A3000 '040@40mhz now with CV64 gfx card and I thought it woould run slower than on my A4000 '060 but it ran with the same speed which proves that 3D games run like crap on amiga's if you don't have a beefy PPC which costs a fortune.
Only trying some cd games now to see what my computers are capable of, as I said before I'm a retro gamer and from time to time I play some new extra super multi hyper games on my PC but my Radeon 9700 pro is getting old
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