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Ok, just found this thread thru idle searching.. strange it should be in general discussion when it is amiga related.. amiga scene perhaps?.
Now, my reference to 'todays days' was to point out that DMS was adequate back then (the old days), and with its compression, a good tool for modemtraders alike.
I am a real amiga user, i have 4 of them here, but i will not use DMS out of preference on any of them if an ADF exists. And I will certainly never encode a DMS these days, simply coz the benefits gained by the format are outweighed by the hassle of use.
If you like to use the format Twistin' then by all means get your ADF's to your amiga and encode them, and decode them next time you want to check for matches in the TOSEC dats..
You completely lost me on the renaming DMS's part.
To explain it simply, there will NEVER EVER be a DMS dat, and if some trollop does decide to make one, see how long before the data is ripped straight into an ADF dat.
As Cody pointed out, there are lots of BAD dms files out there, and obviously created by a bad DMS program. Now thats fine and all but unfortunately u can't get the data out of them. If it were an ADF of the right length, most of the data would still be there, just a few scrambled sectors here and there. I prefer data integrity over non-perfect(not 100% all the time) compression and would prefer the odds of a harddrive failing to cause bad data over the reliablity i have experienced with DMS. A long time ago, I used DMS2.03 or similar to encode a bunch of disks. I assumed it all went fine until one day I wanted that data back on physical media..some failed..which pissed me off to the extent of writing a sector disk ripper which creates an ADF. As they say.. once baked..twice fried.
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