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Point being, we HAVE to give a fuck, cos if we don't it just hurts us all. The guys who made the games in the first place, the guys who bother to preserve them, even the guys who buy them on Ebay.

Tell you what, you go to work for 40 hours per week, and then pay me all your wages. Feel bad? Well that's what people who sell shit like this on Ebay are making those guys feel like "I did all that work, and some robbing bastard creams off the profit". The saddest thing is, these guys don't do all the work for profit in the first place!

Point is, Akira is right - it's illegal to sell pirated software on Ebay (or anywhere else). IF YOU were ripping off Ebay, how long before they stopped YOU doing it? Well they don't seem to care when it's somwbody elses work tho......
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