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hmmm... I just executed both 208 and 209 after reading this post... both started up normally and on the 060... I would suggest you run something like snoopdos and see if you are missing some required libraries... I pondered the project years ago to dismantle the devious tool archives but decided it was going to take too long and also wouldn't be nice to the peeps who poured energy into the distribution. Not unlike the idea to do similair to the LSD docs.

The only difference with my versions of 208 and 209 are the main executables have been decrunched and hex edited to point to a different path/datafile.

also note when I refer to dismantle I don't mean actually decrunching/unarchiving the data file but extracting every release contained within the data file via the proper main executable interface... just incase you were going to ask me how to open the data file directly... some of the earlier disk based versions you can do this with but not the later ones... not that I ever found anyway, I think they start off with a proper lzx but manipulate it later via something else.

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