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Boulderdash works perfectly fine for me - it's just the scrolling that is jerky. Pressing Amiga-c improves it slightly.

In Donkey Kong, it looks like you can pick up the hammers, but nothing else (doesn't bother me because I hate the game). There's always the Amiga versions of Donkey Kong (by Bignonia) and Pac Man. And there's the shareware Boulderdäsh which is perfect. It has the C64 graphics, but you can substitute other graphics/sound sets. If anybody out there has Atari 800 grahics/sound sets for Bounderdäsh, let me know!

I don't think I'll have time now to play around with ACE. Here are the games I tested in ACE:

Games that work perfectly:
One on One
Mario Bros.

Games that work with minor problems:
Montezuma (Preliminary 16K) - enemy collisions randomly work
Boulderdash - ugly scrolling
Zaxxon - ugly scrolling
Donkey Kong - can't pick up objects other than hammer
Miner 2049er - killing one enemy kills many
Centipede 5200 - centipede leaves trails, spider doesn't kill

Games that don't work:
Atari Invaders
Food Fight
Fort Apocalypse
International Karate
Rescue on Fractalus
Bruce Lee
Donkey Kong Jr.
Pole Position
Moon Patrol
Pharaoh's Curse
Zone Ranger
and ALL Activision games

Montezuma's Revenge (version with title screen) has a strange problem where partway through the first level, there is a rotating skull at the top of the screen and all enemies, keys and jewels are missing. When you try to go back up, you just fall off the ladder to your death. I don't think it's an ACE problem because it also happens on Atari 800 on a PC. If anybody has a GOOD copy of this game (not 16K version), please let me know.

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