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Originally Posted by Pink
- The Adventures of Robinhood

In what other game can you shoot your love interest dead, attend her funeral, massacre all the monks at the cermony, enter the castle disguised as a monk, bribe the guards when they try to hang you, repeat till the castle is empty, and then claim it as your own only to be beat to death by the town's people for committing genocide and filling the local grave yard?

I'm not evil - I'm just creative.


You can actually do that? Wow, I better give that game a second chance.

I'm very impressed with your achievement. I love attempting to do things in games that you're not supposed to do. Like trying to come out of the castle with the laser in SOTB, then completing the rest of the game backwards (with dislocated fist, running backwards). Or luring every guy from one level in Doom to be crushed under a wall in a secret room (leaving the level neat and body-free). Maybe there should be a thread "Bizarre Game Achievements".
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