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Sorry I haven't replied recently - why does real life always have to intrude into online life?!?!

Anyways, it's good to know all the effort is appreciated! Spread the thing about people! (Synchro, stick on yer DVD!)

Now, the 'bug fix' version. I'm still working on it but have taken on board what some people have said...

There is now a hard drive installer - just tell it where you want the game to go. I'm also tweaking the memory requirements so it works on 2Meg machines (a bit flakey at the moment but I'll get there!) Loading times are now a little faster as well. Oh, and there's a completely new highscore input screen.

@Emu chicken - Comments in the code! I'll have you know this is spaghetti coding at it's very best! Microsoft would be proud! To be honest, it's just something I did for myself (at first) so just didn't bother with comments. Next time though...
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