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I've dreamed of playing this sub-genre of games on a grander scale! Thanks for posting this, buck'.

In this so called Forgotten World, I do like the idea that you're controlling only one character, and then by meeting other individuals, like yourself, you can form an awesome party, correcto?

Question though, it is even possible for your life to be taken from you in the Alpha, or is it really a series of coincidences and profound luck that I am left more or less unscathed after a deadly battle where my HP is reduced to zero? Grave, headstone, R.I.P? That's a huge bug in my eyes!

Death and having to start all over will teach the player, values, discipline, strategy, and that fleeing is worth considering when the odds are against!

An immediate and real threat to your existence will amount to more fun!

Ultimately, death will aid in the restore of balance (between Player Characters) to any (online) RPG, in my opinion. Something to think about.

I'm rambling, yes.

What are the different acronyms in the attribute system, correct me where I am wrong.

MGT = STR = Might || Strength
INT = INT = Intelligence
INS = WIS = ? || Wisdom
AGI = DEX = Agility || Dexterity
FOR = CON = Fortitude || Constitution
PER = CHA = Personality || Charisma

DL = AC = Damage Limit? (higher==better) || Armor Class (lower==better)
HP = HP = Hit Points

I'd RTFM if I could find the manual pertaining to this Forgotten World.

As for software bugs, I found none other than null entries in a shopkeeper's list of wares.

And so, I'm gearing up for another session.
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