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My main Amiga at the moment is my CD32, it's got an A2000 keyboard in it (painted dark grey, same as the CD32) and I should have an SX32 Pro (030/50/16MB/850MB HD) coming soon. Got a couple of Competition Pro control pads for it, a joystick/mouse switcher, and a mouse, all plugged in at the same time (it's great having a mouse AND two controllers without having to swap them around). I really want a CDTV or A4000 keyboard though, and a trackball. I also have extension cords for the CD32 controllers so they reach over the couch and to my bed.

Here's a full list of my systems, I can't be bothered listing all the expansions (030s, 3.1 ROMs, extra RAM, SCSI boards, digitisers, bla bla bla).

3x A1200s
2x A2000s
7x A500s
1x A600
2x CD32s

If you want a BRAND NEW SX32 Mk II, there are two places I know of online that you can order them from.

Big long URLs, but click on them and you can expand your CD32 and play ALL THOSE GAMES you wish you could, but couldn't because of lack of RAM.
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