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hehehe. SWOS, Turrican 2, Speedball 2 overrated? Buhahaha.
Leander is very good for me - but underrated? First AA reviews - 91 %
Myth - superb game - one of the best mix of beat'em up and platformer. Underrated? I don't thik so - 96 % in AA review. Wolfchild - 92 or 93 % in AA review. Benefactor had very good reviews too.

Underrated for me:

Lionheart (one of the best amiga games ever!!)
Traps'n Treasures (superb mix of platformer, adventure and puzzle)
Fire and Brimstone - yes, I like it.
Prime Mover & Vroom - two the most underrated amiga racers.
Disposable Hero - for me one of the best amiga shooters.
Elf - very good action/adventure with superb music (level one !!)
Jim Power - i've completed it without cheats - music, graphs, gameplay - very good.

Fire & Ice have no gameplay? Mcdonald's Land is better? Are you sick?


Yo Joe! - good graphs, good gameplay, But too easy - I've completed it after one day . (without cheats)
Wonder Dog - bleee- this is platformer or shit?

Haha - most of Lionheart is in green? Yeah - in Town, in Caverns, Castles or in Lava Levels . Did you play this one only in first levels (forest/swamps)?

Sorry for my english.

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