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Originally Posted by Akira
OK let's fight for a while

Slayer: I am an elitist as well, and I am happy to not follow such a blind bunch as the Amiga Zealotry community. Sorry that you cannot see real facts and judge FAIRLY a computer, since, if you read my words, you'll realize that an A1 is a platform as viable/useable as any other, depending on your needs. I was just trying to do a fair, objective analysis of what it is, but you people just can't be objective, ever.

Please show me why I would buy this:
price = 500 UKP (EXCLUDING VAT)

When I can purchase this:
MacMini 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 / 256MB DDR333 SDRAM
ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB DDR video memory / 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive / DVD+CDRW drive
price = 499.00 US DOLLARS
This is a fair point for me also. I mean, assume I buy a A1 for this money. The current amiga market when it comes down to s/w is very-VERY limited and heavily relies on legacy software, not PPC software. As Akira says, I'd rather buy a mac mini and spend the extra money to buy a 68060 because all I use my Amiga right now is for old software like Art Effect, Brilliance and ImageFX. My needs for a computer for daily usage have gone far beyond the A1, unless you can say that I can do proper video and dvd authoring on a A1 or write Java servlets and applications. OS4 may be good, but not good enough for my current needs.
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