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BTW, the instructions on getting started are outdated and unclear. You need to register on the website first, and possibly "select your character" on the website too. This is done via the communities page. On the left hand side you should see the option to select your character. This is what is meant by ..."The character name must be one from the FW Message Boards."

Now, in the menu screen that greets you in the game proper, the Start game icon may not be active. Highlight your chosen characters name in the column to the right. If the start game icon is STILL not active, right click on the start game icon and it will change to say "Update". Select this option, and client files will be updated. The start game icon shoudl now be active. Click it, select your screen choice, press the Login icon, which will change to play, select this and away you go. If the game drops out or does not boot, or you get a text box appear at the top of the screen when entering commands like "encamp", try loading the game again, it worked for the second time around.

I have a feelin' there's going to be lots of Amiga freaks waiting anxiously for the beta release.

And pxscroll, when adventuring in the realms of the Forgotten World, do please leave the sheep alone!

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