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For all you SSI AD&D "Gold Box" FREAKS

Stumbled upon a remake of the early 1990's game Never Winter Nights (not the recently released 3D version). A Gold Box game based on the Pool of Radiance (again the original 1988 release not the recent version) engine but featuring online game play through AOL was about in the 90's.

For the low down:

The resurrection:

Not a lot of info for the uninitiated, but have a look at the screen captures to get an idea:

Download the FW Alpha files and pre-requisite files to get started.

Still in Alpha stage, no sound, and buggy, but if you dig the old school "Gold Box" games, then get behind this project! Donate via PayPal!

My character's name is Cynthia by the way, so if you get online, hail me and we'll go reminiscing together by bashin orcs.
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