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Originally Posted by Akira
I hope they will shut up once and for all...

Originally Posted by Akira
I hope you are all reading. I said LEAVE US ALONE YOU FUCKERS.
I think I can see the faces of wanking expectation in all Amiga zealots across the globe...
Harsh words mate, but true words.
I either cannot think of anything positive with this "news".

Self-declared new "Mr. Amiga" G. P. has brought nothing but trouble with this machine: endless and useless debates about centuries-old copyrights, idiotic infighting, absolutely never giving in to arguments, always thinking his point of view is the right one.
"I am here, and you dumb Amiga punks are there, and I know what is good for you."

*shrug* has got an overhaul.
*thumbs down* still hasn't fired their CEO.
*resigns* Thus, nothing will ever change.
So what.-
Next news, please.

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