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Why do people get into pissing contests over platforms.

Today brand name means nothing except to the trendy (you know those guys with alot of cash who buy products because the name is "in").

Most people buy specific machines because of the software they need to run. x86 machine sell because profesionals can run their windows apps on then, gamers can play their games, EMU people have all the emulaters they need, Linux geeks have the best Linux platform, coders have the largest variety of apps, etc. Apple sells macs because free ixxx apps, a decent selection of programs in specific industries, and less maintenance. What does a PPC Amiga/OS4 have going for it? Not a dam thing. Will people buy it? OF course some will, just like some people had Be Boxes, SGI's, NEXT etc. It is very hard for major companies with money to get good developers to make apps for their OS, so OS4 will have it that much harder (its not even done!).

Anyway as far as the Amiga engineers went, they designed something in the 80's that was multimedia friendly when the big boys didn't know what multimedia was.. and milked that acomplishment for a decade and died out when the big boys beat them at their own game (because they had money, equally good engineering, and decent advertising). A decade in computing is like a century in cars, cars today still have wheels and suck down gas, but everything else is nothing like it used to be 80 years ago.

Be happy the Amiga changed the path of the PC and buy what is usefull for your needs now using your commen sense and not nostalgia.
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